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LIMES Limes Italia Srl

Limes was built in January 2018 by a group of investors which partlially  replicates the capital  structure of Esco Pacific,  with the important addition of the “Oltre2”  fund. Limes is a Latin word with multiple meanings: “track”, “paths”, that is the way to enter within new territories. Limes Renewable Energy Srl is an operating reality since a long time, with offices in Milan, Barcelona, Vietnam and Thailand, with a consolidated experience in development projects. The starting point of the company is that we are facing a second important moment in the development of the renewable energy sector, in the world and particularly in Italy: Italy has accumulated a noticeable capacity and experience in the period of “incentivised” operations and now has the basis and organisational capacities for this new scenery, so-called “parity grid” with competitive advantages. Italy has the aim of meeting 27% of renewable energies in the next ten years compared to the present 17%.


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