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Next 14 ( is a 2016 investment. The group, leader in Italy in marketing technologies, is an Italian holding an Italian holding, which has developed three start-ups in the market sector of marketing and in data-driven or programmatic advertisement. Each investment will take the benefit of the network services and the commercial synergies of the group, but at the same time the governance of the holding and the three societies will be distinct and independent. Guiding Next 14 and the three societies are three figures with proven record in the area, as well as some co-investors who represent the best among their profession in the Italian market. In less than two years, Next 14 has activated 3 initiatives, as mentioned above: Turbo, Sting Media and Zero.

The first, Turbo ( , represents the first independent Italian reality in the area of programmatic advertising, which is the emerging modality to buy and sell advertising digital spaces; the second, Sting Media( , is a platform for trading spaces in a traditional way (TV, press, and radio) overcoming some critical points of digital sharing modalities. Lastly, the third, Zero ( will take care of producing contents for Turbo and Sting using an already-operative network of experienced partners.


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