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KT&Partners S.r.l

KT & PARTNERS ( ) is a small boutique in Milan founded by Kevin Tempestini in 2009.

Kevin has a long experience working in international banks; in the last few years, K&T has found itself a little corner in the advisory activity directed at the world of small and medium businesses, with the goal of supporting them in their growth, also through financial markets.

KT main services are:

  • MARKET PROFILING, a supporting service to societies quoted to MTA and AIM, both in managing relations with the financial markets, and in organising meetings with institutional and private investors. Listed companies benefitting from Market Profiling service have been: IVS, Ansalto Sts, B&C Speakers, Eukeidos, Cembre, Leone Film Group, Expert Systems, Digitouch, Giglio, PLC and others.
  • ADVISORY to small and mid-caps to the listing in regulated or not regulated financial markets (MTA, AIM or Euronext).
  • FINANCIAL RESEARCH: thanks to a team of trained analysts, KT&P offers and publishes analysis for quoted compamies both next to a market listing or in the course of a financial year and its terms or fractions.
  • M&A: this service is especially directed to clients, but also to thirs parties , listed or unlisted.

K&T is, as a Partner of the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana), and an active player in the ELITE segment.

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